Why send mobile phone credit?

Recharge, reload, load, top up, mobile minutes, airtime, cell phone credit... these are all ways to say the same thing: an easy way to send mobile phone credit to your friends and family around the world.

We recently asked our customers why they send mobile phone credit using www.ezetop.com.  Our customers send mobile phone credit for lots of different reasons but above all else, our customers want to stay in touch with friends and family around the worldwide no matter where they are.

Sending mobile phone credit to a loved one is a quick and easy way to keep in touch. By loading families’ mobile phones you are sure that they have minutes to get in touch when needed. It is often cheaper to call from the receiver country, meaning that our customers save money on keeping in touch this way.

Our customers have told us that its often more convenient to top up online as there is not always a store close by or the store may not be open when they want to purchase. Sending mobile phone credit is not only a convenient way to keep in touch with loved ones, it is also an easy way to send a small gift to let loved ones know that you are thinking of them.

You can send mobile phone credit to friends and family around the world no matter where you are using www.ezetop.com. Simply sign up for a free account here. Sending mobile phone credit is simple and easy! Simply enter the details of the person you wish to send top up to, enter your credit card details and send. Remember, we only charge your credit card when the mobile phone credit has been sent. We have also 160,000 stores around the world in which you can buy ezetop credit, simply enquire at your local store or look for the ezetop logo!


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Here is what our customers are telling us!

Why do you send top up back home? “Because I am supporting them from here and as I send money too so that's why with the help of this great website now I am able to support them in mobile credit as well” “Because I want them to be able to get in touch whenever they need to” “Because it's a cheaper and easier way for them to keep in contact with me” “As a gift to my friends” “I like my relatives to always have available credit to respond to texts or telephone calls” “So i can keep in touch with family and friends and not have to worry if they have credit on the phone” “So my mom can call me anytime she want and it cost less to send money from here”