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Recharge Cubacel


Send 20 CUC to any Cubacel number from the 10th of August (00:01 Cuba time) until the 15th of August (23.59 Cuba time) and receive a BONUS 20 CUC + 30 Min & 30 SMS!

For all denominations the bonus will expire 30 days after the top-up has been received.

See your bonus options in the T&C’s


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Terms and conditions

Promotion type: Double Recharge + 30 Min + 30 SMS

      • This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.
      • The promotion starts on the 10th August 2020 from 00:01 (Cuban time) and ends on the 15th August 2020 at 23:59 (Cuban time).
      • For every 20 CUC you send, we'll deliver a bonus of 20 CUC + 30 Mins + 30 SMS.
      • Balance bonus of this promotion can be accumulated with the balance bonus of the last promotion, both will have an expiration date of 30 days after the top-up has been received.
      • Bonus is deducted first, then plans/Nauta wallet and then the main balance.
      • The main balance will expire 330 days after the top-up date.
      • The top-up amount will be added to the main balance and the bonus will be added to the bonus balance.
      • If a customer recharges more than once during the promotional period, the main balance and the bonus balance will be accumulated.
      • Bonus CUC can only be used for: national and international calls and SMS (including SMS entumóvil).
      • Data plans will have to be bought using the main balance.
      • This bonus cannot be used to access the Nauta mail from the mobile, nor for sending MMS, in this case, it will be deducted from the principal balance.
      • Once all the bonus balance is consumed it will start to deduct from the main balance.
      • After the bonus has expired it cannot be recovered.
      • Bonus balance cannot be transferred.
      • Customer will receive an SMS before to the expiration date of the bonus.
      • Principal balance can be checked through *222# and bonus balance at *222*266#  at no cost for a Cubacel customer.
      • In case of a promotion that offers CUC bonus, the received amount displayed in the recharge confirmation will show the promotional bonus.
      • For other types of promotions where CUC is not offered as a bonus, we will not show the promotional bonus on the recharge confirmation. In such cases, the promotional bonus will be sent directly to the receiver.
      • For more terms and conditions and for any queries please contact Cubacel at +53 52642266.

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