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Recharge Cubacel


Top-up any Cubacel number from the 25th of May to the 30th of May and receive Cubacel's Super Data Offer!

For all denominations the bonus will expire 30 days after the top-up has been received.

See your bonus options in the T&C’s


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Terms and conditions

Promotion type: 1GB Data Bonus + 50 Min + 50 SMS

    • This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.
    • The promotion starts on the 25th May 2020 from 00:01 (Cuban time) and ends on the 30th May 2020 at 23:59 (Cuban time).
    • For every 20 CUC you send, we'll deliver a bonus of 50 Mins + 50 SMS + 1 GB.
    • The bonus expires 30 days after the top-up has been received.
    • Balance bonus of this promotion can be accumulated with the balance bonus of the last promotion, both will have an expiration date of 30 days after the top-up has been received.
    • Bonus is deducted first, then plans/Nauta wallet and then the main balance.
    • The main balance will expire 330 days after the top-up date.
    • The top-up amount will be added to the main balance and the bonus will be added to the bonus balance.
    • If a customer recharges more than once during the promotional period, the main balance and the bonus balance will be accumulated.
    • Bonus can only be used for: national and international calls and SMS (including SMS entumóvil).
    • Data plans will have to be bought using the main balance.
    • This bonus cannot be used to access the Nauta mail from the mobile, nor for sending MMS, in this case, it will be deducted from the principal balance.
    • Once all the bonus balance is consumed it will start to deduct from the main balance.
    • After the bonus has expired it cannot be recovered.
    • Bonus balance cannot be transferred.
    • Customer will receive an SMS before to the expiration date of the bonus.
    • Principal balance can be checked through *222# and bonus balance at *222*266#  at no cost for a Cubacel customer.
    • The received amount shown in the recharge confirmation ticket will show the bonus balance.
    • For more terms and conditions and for any queries please contact Cubacel at +53 52642266.

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