Send Instant Mobile Top Up to Telemedia Belize

Top Up Telemedia Belize

Top Up Telemedia Belize


Double and Triple Bonus to Telemedia Belize on April 23rd!

  • Send between $10USD and $20USD and receive DOUBLE!
  • Send $40USD or more and receive TRIPLE!

Stay in touch with your loved ones!

Send Top Up to Telemedia

Terms and Conditions

Promotion type: Double and Triple Bonus
Operator: Telemedia Belize
Date: April 9th/April 30th Only Wednesdays (Time in Belize)
Minimum amount: $10USD
Promotional bonus validity: $10USD to $20USD is 30 days, $40USD or more is 90 days

- Promotion applies only for Wednesdays in April (9th,16th,23th,30th).
- Recharge under $10USD will not get any bonus credit.
- Only valid for Telemedia Belize prepaid customers.
- For more T&C and for any queries please contact Telemedia Belize customer care phone on 0800 225 5285.

Denominations and bonus received:
$10USD up to $20USD receives x2 Bonus
$40USD and above receives x3 Bonus

If you are interested in buying cheap calls to Belize, please click here (service only available for customers based in the United States).