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Recharge Tigo Colombia

Recharge Tigo Colombia

Get up to 90 mins free every Friday!

Top-up a Tigo Colombia mobile by the amounts below and receive your free minutes.

From $5,000COP receive 8 minutes
From $10,000COP receive 30 minutes
From $20,000COP receive 70 minutes
From $30,000COP receive 90 minutes

So why not top-up someone’s day?

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Terms and conditions

Promotion type: Free Minutes
Operator: Tigo
Date: All Fridays of March, 2015 (Time in Colombia)
Minimum amount: $5,000 COP
Bonus validity: Depends on the amount recharged, and starts from 00:05 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on the day the minutes are received

- Promotion applies every Friday of March(6, 13, 20, 27) . Promotion applies for Prepaid users and Control Tigo plans.
- Tigo Day validity starts at 00:05 am and ends at 11:59 pm on that day promoted as Tigo.
- Bonuses only apply extra minutes to call Tigo mobiles.
- Transfers with *DAR does not generate additional minutes.
- Additional minutes bonuses cannot be transferred by *DAR.
- Expiration of the additional minutes bonus is not suspended when the line is suspended for theft or voluntarily, therefore, if the client does not reactivate the line before the end of the term of additional minutes, you lose those extra minutes that there consumed.
- Additional minutes that were not consumed before the effective date will be lost.
- For new users the Tigo Day applies from the second recharge not for the first one.
- If users in plan of seconds the bonus consumption is in seconds.For any query please, contact Tigo on: + 571 330 3000 or *300 from a Tigo Colombia mobile or check on www.tigo.com.co
$5,000 COP to 9,999 receives 8 free minutes and lasts 4 days
$10,000 COP to 19,999 receives 30 free minutes and lasts 10 days
$20,000 COP to 29,999 receives 70 free minutes and lasts 10 days
$30,000 COP or more receives 90 free minutes and lasts 10 days 

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