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1. Is my account information safe?

Yes. All information sent between you and ezetop is transmitted through secure protocols (SSL – Secure Socket Layer), one of the safest security protocols available on the web. You will see it used at all leading sites including www.ezetop.com.

When you complete a transaction, ezetop does not store your credit or debit card information. This information is held by our payment processor who keeps the data secure in line with Visa and MasterCard’s strict requirements, which include PCI compliance. ezetop will never release any of your details and your email address will only be used to contact you about ezetop services.

Our terms and conditions and our privacy policy contain full details and are available in the ‘Terms’ section of the webpage

2. I have signed up but have not received my activation email?

If your activation email isn't in your inbox we suggest checking your spam or junk mail folder. If the email isn't in those folders please email us (activate@ezetop.com) from the email account you used to register with ezetop and we will activate your account for you.

3. How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please go to our homepage, where you will see a ‘Problems logging in?’ link beneath the Log In box. When you click on this you will be asked for the email address you used to register with ezetop. We will send instructions on how to reset your password to this email address.

4. I reset my password but did not receive the email?

If the email isn't in your inbox we suggest looking in the spam or junk mail folder. If the email isn't in those folders, and the email was sent successfully to you, then it may be that your internet service provider is blocking the emails from coming through and you must contact them. Unfortunately we do not have the facility to reset your password ourselves as this must be done from your email address for security reasons.

5. How does Re-Send in the transaction history work?

We keep a record of all the transactions you have sent, clicking ‘Re-Send’ will send a top up of the same value to the same number

6. Why can I not send a top up? /Why is my Cheap Calls account deactivated?

For security reasons we have alerts in place to prevent abuse of our service. This can result in your account being locked or deactivated. Occasionally legitimate users of our service may be affected. If you believe your account was locked in error please contact our Customer Care Team and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

7. What should I do if I see unauthorised charges on my card from ezetop?

ezetop do not have access to customer card information. This information is fully secure and ezetop will not make unauthorised charges on any customer’s account. If you see unauthorised charges that refer to ezetop you should contact your bank immediately as it is likely your card has been compromised elsewhere. Please also notify ezetop directly also so we can take appropriate action.


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